How to host a color and sip party

How To Host a Color and Sip Party!

How to Host a Color and Sip Party

I know you heard of paint and sip party, but have you heard of a  color and sip party? Color Sip parties are so much fun, and less messy than a paint and sip  party. You don’t have to worry about an instructor, and you can use the coloring book long after the color and sip party finished. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry I have hosted plenty of dope color and sip parties so here is a complete guide on how to host a fun color and sip party.

 Step 1. Choose a Location and a Method for Holding Your Color and Sip Party.

When choosing a location for your color and sip. You should know your budget and who will attend. This will help you decide if you will do it in person or virtually. If most of your guests are in different locations you might want to consider virtually, but if most of your guest are able to attend physically then hosting in person can be so much fun.

Step 2. Decide the theme of the party so you can choose the coloring book that will fit the theme.

If you are hosting a couple’s night our “Shades of Our Love” coloring book is the perfect choice. If you are having a mommy and me theme our “Color Your Dreams into Reality” for adults and kids are the perfect pair for this event. Better yet if you are celebrating your birthday our “Color Like It’s Your Birthday” coloring book is perfect for your birthday celebration. We have a different coloring book in our collection that inspire your theme.

Step 3. Getting your color supplies

When you think of coloring the first thing people think about is crayons. There are tons of different options to bring your coloring pages to life such as colored pencils, sharpeners, markers, gel pens, decorations, and a party playlist to fit the mood of the party.  Our starter color and sip kits comes with the supplies you need to start coloring and help you host your own color and sip party.

Step 4. Food

When having your color and sip make sure you have some food. I have a saying that people remember your party by the music and food. I suggest having finger food such as wings, cheese and crackers platters, fruit, chips, and cupcakes. You want to make sure it’s less messy and people can snack while coloring.

Step 5: Begin Creating!

Once you’ve picked a venue, picked a favorite color book, purchased the materials, and sent the invites, it’s time to relax and enjoy the night with your friends. Because you’re hosting it at your house, you’ll probably be able to keep the party going for at least a few hours. You can also do activities while coloring such as icebreakers, or have people do their favorite dance or karaoke while coloring. You can also have a prize for the best colored page. Make sure you have fun, take pictures and videos so you can show off your artwork. We love seeing our creators work so make sure you tag us on Instagram and Facebook.  The possibilities are endless, and you can use your imagination to get to have best color and sip party.


These color and sip ideas are all about creating a relaxed and enjoyable environment. Such events allow one to socialize with friends, sip a favorite beverage, and express ideas via art.


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