About Us

Black owned coloring book brand!

Black women suffer from stress, anxiety, and lack of focus at alarming rates. 

Dejha B Coloring Products, a line of interactive and inspirational coloring books was created to fight that stigma and those statistics. 

Dejha B Coloring is a creative brand that celebrates and represents Black women and children. Our products inspire artistic expression with beautifully illustrated pages, focusing on themes that resonate with Black communities.  Dejha B Coloring is a joyful, therapeutic experience for all ages, promoting diversity and inclusivity. With a wide range of themes and designs, Dejha B Coloring encourages relaxation, and self-expression, of bringing intricate illustrations to life with colors.

Our mission is to create beautiful inspirational coloring books that promotes self-care, helps with mental health, and brings out your inner creativity. Every coloring book has a positive message and represents our style and culture. With every coloring book created by Dejha B Coloring there is a unique experience that you will not get from other coloring book brands. Dejha B Coloring is the first coloring brand to infuse poetry and music you can scan and listen to while coloring. Our products have been featured on News12, PIX 11,  FemCity, Stardom 101 Magazine, Texas Metro News, East End Taste Hamptons Magazine, Business Mogul Magazine and more. 

We are proud to be a 100% Black Woman owned business.

Our Community

Dejha B Coloring Creatives are creators that do everything on their own terms, and are not afraid to step out the box. Dejha B Creators are creators of their own vision, their own lane, and creators of their own destiny. Join our community of creatives and see what you can color into reality! Instagram and Facebook @dejhabcoloring