About Us

While many women in hip-hop choose to use sex, and blatantly sexual lyrics to sell their music, Dejha B has chosen to compete on her own terms as a rapper, songwriter, businesswoman, mother and a boss. As a result, the rapper known as the Black Angel of hip-hop uses her love of writing, and her unorthodox imagination to create Dejha B Coloring.

During the Covid-19 pandemic native New Yorker Dejha B couldn’t make music, because all the recording studios were closed in NYC. While looking for ways to reduce stress, her friend suggested  coloring books. Dejha picked up her son’s coloring book, and instantly felt relaxed after coloring. She was able to reduce stress, decrease anxiety, relax, and get creative at the same time. That’s when Dejha B went on a hunt for adult coloring books, and was instantly disappointed. She realized there weren’t many inspirational coloring books, let alone women of color represented in the adult coloring book market. This is when Dejha B  was inspired to create Dejha B Coloring.

On October 24, 2020 Dejha B created her first coloring book called “Color Your Dreams Into Reality” which is an adult activity coloring book for dream chasers. It gives you a step-by-step guide on how to make your dreams come true. The coloring book has 34 inspirational illustrations of motivational quotes and dream chaser activities.

On December 4, 2020 Dejha B created her second coloring book called “Wishing You A Colorful Christmas” which helped people get into the holiday spirit. The coloring book combined lyrics, poems, and positive illustrations of holiday joy. Dejha B collaborated with the platinum selling R&B group Allure to create the theme song for the coloring book called “The Night Before Christmas.” 

Dejha B Coloring products are geared to help busy women with selfcare. This brand of coloring products will help you relax, distress, decrease anxiety, focus, and get creative. We provide a unique selfcare tool that have positive images of woman of color, which gives inspiration and positive thoughts. With every book created by Dejha B Coloring there is a different experience that you won’t get from other coloring books.

Our Community

Dejha B Coloring Creatives are creators that do everything on their own terms, and are not afraid to step out the box. Dejha B Creators are creators of their own vision, their own lane, and creators of their own destiny. Join our community of creatives and see what you can color into reality! Instagram and Facebook @dejhabcoloring